ERP system for the Jewelry manufacturer


The company is a Jewelry manufacturer selling its products worldwide via multiple marketplaces, like Ebay, Etsy and Amazon. Their production model works per request, instead of pre-producing the goods in advance and then selling them, therefore the number of sold items goes hand in hand with the amount of work their production line has to do and plan ahead.


The development of deals volume and a wide range of deals channels caused a lot of manual work and company, at last, confronted the accompanying issues:

  1. They had such a large number of commercial centers to work with all the while;
  2. Every commercial center has various Sales Order handling work processes and required the capable individual to remember that;
  3. It was a manual work to get an outline of all Sales Orders and to monitor them (which are new, which are in progress, which have been dispatched, and so on.);
  4. A ton of manual work to stay up with the latest with what should be created and in what amounts;
  5. Giving of the delivery demands (to the bearers) was performed physically, which additionally caused a great deal of manual work;
  6. A ton of manual work to get ready data for the coordinations;
  7. Creation line educated the team leads physically about the delivered things;
  8. B2B orders were enlisted and taken care of physically;
  9. Proforma solicitations, last solicitations, coordinations shows and different records were made physically when required;

The company had just settled a demonstrated work process and Excel-based libraries to deal with a large portion of the procedures in a computerized manner however the exertion was still excessively high and developing with the expanding.


  1. In the wake of checking the current items, our client settled on a choice to create custom ERP arrangement which would be equipped for speaking with the commercial centers they use for deals, and utilizing which they could play out each activity they need in the manner they need.
  2. The arrangement was created as custom web-application, actualizing the accompanying highlights:
  3. Information synchronization between the commercial centers;
  4. A likelihood to alter all Sales orders;
  5. A likelihood to make shipping packages;
  6. Reconciliation with TNT and FedEx shipping transporters for mentioning shipments, submitting Electronic Trade Document data and getting shipping marks;
  7. Modified Invoicing highlight, executing proforma, last solicitations and credit notes in the structure EtteTete needs them to be;
  8. Show document creation for the coordinations;
  9. Information send out;
  10. Stock administration with data about things sold, in stock, stuffed, accessible;
  11. Module for the creation site to be utilized on portable scanners for speedy thing turn upward and stock administration;


Custom ERP solution that is easy to use, as well as to maintain in future, admin panel with all the requested functions, and the clear administration of the existing goods and deals.

Tools & Technologies

  • Symfony framework
  • Vue.js framework
  • MongoDB
  • ReactNative
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